*Sigh* I Can’t Stand YouTube Sometimes…

15 Jun

And one of those reasons is because of “journalists” like the kid above. I’m not the type to really throw shots out at other writers, and two things seem appparent from this video. 1.) Homie is getting started at a young age, and 2.) He really does have a passion for hip-hop. That being said, I’m going to give homie a couple tips on conducting an interview.

  1. Having preconceived notions or opinions while coming to do a story is one thing, but to actually let them interfere with the story is another. Every question that dude asked, he put in too many of his own views: he tried desperately to get KRS to diss Eminem, and he dissed autotune while asking him about it.
  2. Keep your knowledge game up. Implying that Dr. Dre ghostwrote for Eminem is ass backwards, because Dre is the one who’s known for having ghostwriters.
  3. This is a word of advice that’s serious, that I got from my homie Matt Barone. Don’t ask questions that you can predict the answers to. Save those for long interviews, when you’re asking predictable questions to make the artist comfortable before you ask complex or controversial questions. When you only have a couple of minutes with KRS-One, asking him about autotune is sort of a waste of time, because autotune questions are about as played as the musical tool itself. Fortunately, KRS is such an animated, opinionated person that he can make almost anything sound interesting.

That said, it’s still good that homie’s doing his thing early. I jumpstarted my journalism career in my freshman year of college, and it worked out pretty well – I can only imagine how good this cat is going to be if he keeps growing.

(via 2DopeBoyz)


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