Pac Div Presents…”Church League Champions” (Mixtape)

17 Jul

This has been a long time coming. Pac Div – the Los Angeles rap trio of Mibbs, Likewise and BeYoung – had flew under my radar before I interviewed them for HipHopDX’s DXNext column, but once I got ahold of their blend tape Sealed For Freshness, I understood what the hype was about. First of all, they’re hilarious personalities who I’d hang out with if I had the chance. Quotable gold from the interview is as follows:

On their influences:

Carl Weathers is one of our biggest influences.

On their audience:

We make music for niggas who wear diamond earrings and live in apartments. Niggas who spend they last $5 on a beer, and not get no food.

On what each member brings to the group:

I’ma speak for the fellas. BeYoung delivers the hoes! Nah, I’m playing. BeYoung is the quiet, more savvy, he’s more like the AZ. Nah, he’s not AZ. He’s more real savvy, quiet. He’s smooth, laid back, he’s a mystery, we call him the Quiet Assassin. He’s a man of few words, but he definitely delivers a punch when he spits. Mibbs is more animated. He’s the Redman, he’s like a Busta Rhymes. He don’t look like Busta Rhymes; his neck is thicker than Busta Rhymes.

What’s really great about these guys is that they have respect for the old school, but they don’t use it as a crutch at all. They’re nostalgic, but they’ll get you just as excited about where hip-hop is going. That’s exactly what Pac Div did for me: they lead a trio of  rap acts that made me believe that record labels were finally catching the hint that signing different acts was the best way to success. Hopefully, Universal/Motown handles Pac Div better than Warner Bros. handled Wiz Khalifa, smh.

So far, it seems like they’re successfully using the Cool Kids approach: keep them relevant by way of live performances, advertisement deals, music videos and interviews, but only a limited amount of new music. They made fans wait for them and crave new material, instead of flooding the market a la Lil Wayne or Charles Hamilton. They had a self-titled iTunes EP (CLICK HERE to cop on iTunes, or HERE to cop on Zune) that had three of their best new songs, the occassional song leak, and music videos for “Fat Boys ’08,” “Women Problems,” “Mayor,” and my personal favorite of theirs, “Taste.” This new tape was pushed back for what seems like half a year, but it wouldn’t suprirse me if they were just doing that to help with the buzz – and if they were, this is worth the wait. Hopefully, they can keep this balance of timeliness and anticipation while preparing the rap world for their Universal debut.

Enough from me, though. Visit the newly launched for their philosophy behind the project, photo gallery, artist bio, and most importantly, a link to download the mixtape.


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