Revolutionary Times: New Webcomic Home x Revamped Blog

17 Jul


Since I interviewed him for this site near the end of April, Smack! been on his grizzly: putting together promo videos of himself, putting together a new web site, designed several new shirts for Identical Variant, etc. That being said, I still feel like he slacks off too much, lol.  He reminds me of myself: immensely talented, and utilizing that talent at various resources, but still not using every minute of every day as efficiently as he could. But lately, young homie’s been pretty unaccessible: he locked himself in the lab, and I’m proud to present his revamped Revolutionary Times. Not only have they revamped the blog, but they’ve also launched a webcomic home at to host the strip. And they’ve made some dope desktop backgrounds, one of which is blessing my laptop as I type. A description of Revolutionary Times, from our interview:

Revolutionary Times started up as an idea between my long time friend Brandon Howard who had recently moved to North Carolina. We called each other up and he dropped the idea of doing a comic together basically about two young black teens who run a newspaper basically dealing with the conspiracies of the government. Now, when I first heard it, I was like, “Naaah, we can’t do it like that. People will think it’s basically The Boondocks.” But as we started the strips, they came into their own life and style, ya know? We’ve really tried to go over some things that are basically in the world right now. Michael Vick. Kwame Kilpatrick. Obama. … He writes it and I draw it (and sometimes write it), instead of me doing both the writing and art jobs. He’s the DJ and I’m rapper. So it’s all about teamwork and input.

I’m going to be doing as much as I can to help push this. Not only because Smack! is my homie, but because I love the concept of the comic. And once it blows up, I’ll be one of those hipser types that can say, “Revolutionary Times? Fuck y’all cats, I’ve been up on them since way back when.” Or, “Fuck Revolutionary Times, they went commercial,” even when they’d be just as good as they’ve always been.

All of my readers, please check it out and let me konw what you think.

Revolutionary Times: WebcomicBlog


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