The Jules Verne Watch.

8 Aug

I had made a vow to stop making fashion posts on Speech Is My Hammer.  For several reasons: It seems like everybody’s a gear head nowadays, and people are doing a lot of copycat posting. Plus, despite my loyalty to buying every new issue of GQ and COMPLEX magazine, I’m not a fashionista myself. I have a few pair of interesting sneakers from my sponsorship at Premier Skateboarding, and several friends who work at Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, but I’m not a true fashion head at all. I’m a consumer, but not a connoisseur. I leave the cool hunting up to homies like Marcus TroyCliff Skighwalker, Christa Epiphany over at GlamourNerd, and Flintown’s Femme Doni W. at LivLuxMag. That being said, I still know what I like – and usually, I know why I like it. So from this point on, any fashion posts are under the pretense that it’s solely based on what I think is dope – not to be a catch-all site for the latest in fashion, to hump or dump trends, or to make me seem like a goto source for all things fly.

Now that that’s out the way. This Jules Verne watch I found on Marcus Troy’s blog is incredible. I’ve always preferred the clean, streamlined designs of watches like this more than I have the super gaudy Jacob the Jeweler timepieces. And the woven band is so fly. And it’s only $140? Grown up look, for a growing up price. “I don’t rock the bright, watch. I rock the right, watch.” ©Jay-Z

[via Marcus Troy]


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