Sunday Sentiments (8-16-09)

16 Aug

What’s up? Just got done working out. It was my first session in about three months, so calling me rusty would be an understatement – especially when my exercise grind was never that efficient in the first place. But along with helping me get back in the groove, walking on the treadmill today was also helpful because it gave me time to think. I tend to be reflective on Sundays in general, so I figured I’d start a blog series: Sunday Sentiments.

  • I’m not a fan of reality TV at all, but recently, I’ve found some of these shows more interesting than usual. I’ve been watching “Teen MTV Cribs” once in a while, the “Run’s House” spinoff, and I even lasted through 10 minutes of “Tiny and Toya.” I haven’t been attracted to the drama that many other fans of reality TV love so much, though. Instead, I’ve gotten a bit envious of seeing these people live their everyday lives in such an apparently satisfying way. Granted, the kids in “Teen MTV Cribs” aren’t going to be grinding as much as an adult would, because they’re children. But these people are having fun, man. Fishing, recording music, and just doing things that they love on a regular basis. My life is somewhat similar, because I’m blessed to be doing what I love, music journalism, for a living. I’m not making as much money as I should be, though; not as much as these people on TV. I’m not saying that I need a reality series (or maybe I am, *wink*), but I need to step my game up to make more money while doing what I love. I’ve been getting more lately, but I need to keep progressing.
  • Which brings me to another point. While I still get a thrill out of journalism, I think I’ve found a new love: working with people. As a journalist, I normally interview people and simply tell their story or idea in a way that’s digestible. But after a few amazingly productive meetings, I’ve realized that it’s also enjoyable to help them formulate those ideas from scratch. Journalism is the challenge of taking something that’s already there and putting your own spin on it; making something into something more. But the idea of making nothing into something is just as good, so I’m going to pursue projects like that more.
  • Blackberry Messenger is hilarious. It’s got the casualness/hipness of AIM or Facebook, but it’s on the personal level of a phone. So while asking someone of the opposite sex for their phone number may automatically come off as flirtatious, asking them for the Blackberry PIN is like asking someone for their ultra fly business card. And it’s also funny how Blackberry users have some sort of bond just because of their devices – it’s almost like how everyone who has a Burn Rubber New Era fitted cap seems like they’re part of a cult.
  • Speaking of Blackberrys and exclusivity…I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t one of the super early Blackberry users. But I definitely got my first – the Blackberry 7250, with Verizon Wireless – as a pseudo-business user before all the new bells and whistles like a media player, camera, Wi-Fi capability, and other applications were available for it. That being said, do any other longtime Blackberry users feel sort of peeved that Blackberrys are ubiquitous now? Having a Blackberry in your hand or on your waist used to be a clear sign that you meant business; now, high schoolers are tapping away on their Curves and Pearls while ignoring their trigonometry teachers. But I guess that Research In Motion deserves the expanded success after making great products for so long, and being able to successfully crossover to a bigger market.
  • I’ve said this before, but being around driven, successful people really does a lot for me. Not only does it motivate me to be like them, but it also gives me the opportunity to find elite, like-minded clients. Some of these new people I’m working with, I admire them so much that working with them goes beyond simply being a paid job (though that definitely gets handled, no question). It’s the equivalent of a rapper collaborating with artists that he either grew up listening to, or he watches TV in awe. You’ll be seeing even more interviews with people that I respect, now; not only because I respect their grind enough to document it, but just so I can pick their brains enough to actually work with them. My homie Phella said it the best: “I’m about those who want to make history, and have fun doing it.” I’m super grateful for the people I’ve already interviewed: Rik Cordero (Part 1Part 2), Amanda Diva (Part 1Part 2), Smack!, the Rosenthal Brothers, and others.

That’s it for today.


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