Michael Vick On 60 Minutes (Video)

17 Aug

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Michael Vick – superstar football player turned convicted felon because of his role in a dogfighting ring – was on “60 Minutes” yesterday, talking about how he has changed since his two years in prison. Whether he’s sincerely remorseful because of the animals’ welfare or not, I’m glad to see that he’s out and that he seems focused on turning his life around. I’m not nearly the animal lover that others are, but I’ve grown an affinity for dogs after seeing some of my friends’ bonds with their canines, so I can definitely empathize with his naysayers. The show bringing up issues of his money habits and his alleged poor work ethic was a bit annoying, I guess it does a good job of showing the invincibility complex while this was going on. One thing I love about this is the way that James Brown asks Vick pointed questions; whether I agree with those questions or not, it seems like a pre-test for what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will ask Vick when he reevaluates Vick before allowing him to play again.

Vick is saying the right things, he’s doing the right things, and I’m glad to see him back on the football field. It’ll be interesting to see him once he actually gets some playing time. He’s really one of the most talented football players of all time. And seeing artists get behind something other than a scantily-clad model or a center is almost always good, in my book.


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