Clover Hope’s Blackberry Notes With Mos Def

19 Aug

I was already envious of Clover Hope for her job as Senior Editor at XXL magazine, but I really wish I were in her shoes when she interviewed Mos Def recently. Mos’ Black On Both Sides is my favorite rap album of all time (this blog is named after one of his quotes), and I’ve always wanted to pick his brain about who he is, his art, and other issues. I’ll even go out on a limb, and say that maybe my HipHopDX review of The Ecstatic may have used less comparisons to his year 2000 Rawkus classic, and made more sense to readers, if I were able to really get in dude’s head and figure out what his focus is. But Clover’s feature of Mos Def in the magazine was phenomenal, and I’m especially grateful for her latest blog post, in which she unveils notes she tapped into her Blackberry during her few hours with the Brooklyn legend. You have to read the blog to really understand the context, but here’s an excerpt:

Photographer shows booklet of kids who train surf Walks wIth the pimp lean down the hallway Back to studio GY black cap with orange lettering Cafe du monde white graphic tee Red suspenders Needs cigarettes. Can I order some? Nah that’s some bougie shit. Pack of american spirit yellow. For the tan tumor that you- Explaining to him that studio shots are cliche. “They haven’t seen ME in the studio” Studio just finished in June During dinner, Mos staring off at other patrons into distance. Smiling shyly, not looking you in eye.

For the rest of her notes, check her post on Dope Penmanship.

BONUS: Quiet As Kept [XXL Feature]
BONUS #2: Quiet As Kept 2.0 [Outtakes to XXL Feature]

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