One Of The Most Underrated Music Videos Ever.

15 Sep

Kanye West is always known for the artistry of his music videos. But while the likes of  “All Falls Down,” “Touch The Sky,” and “Flashing Lights” garner the most attention, I think that this video for “Homecoming,” from his album Graduation, was one of his best. I was talkin’ to my girl Arasia, Executive Editor of the incredible web site DefCulture, and she was pointing out how on point the video was: the black and white shows the class of Chicago, both the hood and the livelier parts of the city are captured, people in the city are highlighted, and the special effects of the fireworks and the silhouettes are well done. Hype Williams directed this video, and with him being known for his flashy, exuberant pieces for other rappers, this is a great change of pace. This is what Kanye has made the latter part of his career out of: collaborating with people that are immensely talented and accomplished, but taking them out of their comfort zone to make a compelling new product.


One Response to “One Of The Most Underrated Music Videos Ever.”

  1. andy@chicks_n_kicks November 26, 2009 at 4:42 am #

    yeah, always appreciate good cinematography, hard to make black n white pop n come to life

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