Sunday Sentiments (10-18-09)

18 Oct


This past Tuesday, I spoke to a journalism class at Michigan State University about the ups, downs, ins and outs of freelancing. I was nervous as shit – I knew that my opinion/experience was valuable, but I thought I’d get scatterbrained and get off-focus – but it turned out really well.  The students were receptive, and some of them even asked questions. The professor was cool too. I felt really good when I walked out of there, because as much as I love what I do, I love it even more when I can help someone else do something they’re passionate about as well. Also, my pops is an English professor at a college, so it felt like a passing of the torch of sorts.

Other Sunday sentiments:

  • Last night, I went to a benefit concert for Hex Murda, a Detroit hip-hop manager/bodyguard/everythingelse who’s in the hospital after having a stroke. Incredible music, incredible vibes, etc. I want to be the type of person that can influences so many people that their name alone can bring together hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people for a united cause. Seeing that many egos, artists, and aspiring hustlers all in one place, but putting all of their ulterior motives aside to work for one cause was really moving to me. That’s what I hope to be someday, and I think I’m on my way.
  • Don’t be friends with people that are toxic to your life. I’ve tried to just decrease my interactions with people that weren’t contributing a lot – just contribute a little to them the same way they only contribute a little to me – but it’s not working. I go hard for everybody in my crew, it’s too difficult to differentiate who deserves what. So it looks like I’m having to make my circle smaller (c) Guilty Simpson.
  • It’s amazing how people try to put so much emphasis on “right” and “wrong,” when it almost never has anything to do with…well, anything. Instead, it’s either about the perception of what’s right or wrong, how someone can benefit from it, or how someone feels. You can argue with a woman and be completely right…but the way that she feels is going to dictate where the relationship goes. You can pitch an idea to a company that’s charitable to a great cause, but if that cause isn’t going to get positive press or future money for the company, then it’s not going to happen. I know this is a given, but it’s still a trip seeing it in action every day.
  • I’m proud of Royce Da 5’9″. He’s always had some of the best talent in rap, but with this album Street Hop, he finally has an album that shows everything that he can do. One of the Top 10 albums of the year. Review coming soon via Metro Times.

One Response to “Sunday Sentiments (10-18-09)”

  1. iRep810 October 21, 2009 at 2:41 am #

    I too attended the Hex Murda benefit show Saturday night. Nearly each and every Hip Hop icon from Detroit was there or their presence was felt in some fashion. As a true fan of Hip Hop, especially the Michigan Hip Hop scene, it was a priceless experience to have been able to witness such a powerful event. In fact it was more than an event; it was an eye opening movement on many levels. Ketch I definitely can see how such an event could influence you to aspire to become an individual that is able to draw a movement for your cause, that’s ill. I’m also glad to see Royce finally getting his proper shine. Went to grab Street Hop after work, Best Buy Saginaw had no copies so I had to download it from iTunes, been looking forward to that joint for a while, can’t wait to see the response…

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