Miles Davis Tribute In-Ear Headphones by Monster

23 Oct

One of the reasons that I’ve always preferred over-the-ear headphones is that they give more freedom to have interesting designs (for evidence, see many of Skull Candy’s products, and ubiquitous Beats By Dr. Dre headphones). But Monster went all out with this new set of limited edition in-ear headphones, which pay tribute to jazz legend Miles Davis. Aesthetically, they’re gorgeous: the contacts are 24-karat gold, the blue cable is fly, and the side of each earbud has the silhouette of Miles Davis’ trumpet-playing body and signature. Icing on the cake: each set comes in a numbered box, and a case with plush blue velvet – a nod to the case that Miles would keep his trumpet in. Each set also comes with a 50th anniversary set of Davis’ seminal Kind of Blue album, which includes two CDs, a DVD, and a 24-page booklet.

The specs are still there, by the way.

Purchasers of Monster Miles Davis Tribute headphones will enjoy a variety of extras that will significantly enhance the personal listening experience. … In addition, Monster provides multiple sizes of its new high performance “SuperTip” eartips that offer superior noise isolation, while improving the overall performance by preventing sound leakage. The key to the effectiveness of SuperTip eartips is a patent-pending engineered material that provides a secure custom seal to help eliminate unwanted noise. The end result is astoundingly clean, tight audio response and great-sounding music that can be listened to without fatigue for hours and hours.

Finally, Monster’s innovative cable management system features a convenient designed on-cable slider and clip that keeps weight off the headphones so they stay snug in the user’s ears. The debut of Monster Miles Davis Tribute headphones is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to improve the quality of the portable audio experience.

So…who’s getting me these for Christmas? Buy them online, and it’ll be $399.99 well worth it! (wink)

[via Street Level by-way-of Kuhvet]


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