My Jesus Piece From Marcus Troy and Good Wood NYC

1 Jan

My favorite blogger on the Internet, Marcus Troy (or @MarcusTroy on Twitter), teamed up with jewelry company Good Wood NYC to give away natural color Jesus Pieces to five readers who explained why they read the site or how they came across it. Fortunately, my comment caught Marcus’ attention, and I received one of the limited edition pieces. I regret not posting this right when I received it – Good Wood NYC didn’t begin selling the natural color pieces until Christmas day, and they don’t start shipping them until late January.

I had been fiending for one of GWNYC’s products ever since I saw the black version of this Jesus Piece on Marcus’ blog before. The company cleverly released those on Black Friday, and when I checked the site later, I saw they were sold out. But I lucked out with this natural color piece. As corny as this sounds, I’m going to actually use this Jesus piece as a reminder of the spiritual reinforcement I plan to build in this new decade; 2009 was a tough year.

I’m honored that my comment inspired him; search “Marcus Troy” on this site, and you’ll see that I’m a loyalist of his work and of his site. Here’s what I commented:

I first got familiar with your as a linkback from another site. But several things make me continue to read it.
For one, you keep me up to date on the latest, dopest stuff. Point blank period. I find out about gadgets, gear, and other stuff from here. You have great taste, and you give me a good idea on products I’d either buy or gawk at.
Also, you seem to be humble and appreciative of the products you receive to review. Many other “cool hunters” simply use their blog as a forum to brag about free stuff they get, but you seem to appreciate the work/art put into products, their usefulness, and the way they can enrich lives. I respect that passion a lot, and that’s one reason that I actually visit *and* comment here, lol
Lastly, the “From The Berry” posts are always on point. You usually either say ideas/beliefs that I either already agree with, or are new ideas that give me a change of perspective. Favs include the “Come Heavy Or Don’t Come At All” and the “Rules On Cosigns.”
So in short, is exactly what a blog should be. Planned on sending this in an email during some year-end kudos to colleagues/mentors, but the opportunity for a Good Wood piece gives incentive to make it a comment, lol. Keep up the good work.

Follow the jump to see pictures of my gift.

Thanks again, Marcus!


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