Becoming Undeniable.

31 Aug

One of my true role models in the blogging game, Marcus Troy (above), published a post earlier that really spoke to me. The post was called “Become Undeniable.” An excerpt:

Concentrate, focus and invest your time and energy to becoming undeniable, everything else will fall into place. If you work on being the best at what you do, it will be very hard for anyone to deny you anything. If you become the best candidate for a given position, how can anyone deny you?

…Too many times we just half ass things and scream foul when things don’t go our way. When you are undeniable and the people you perceive to have power decide not to give you that chance, then you can chalk it up to hate. Until then I suggest that you work on becoming undeniable.

Read the rest of the post HERE. For those not familiar, Troy has made himself undeniable in his craft. As one of the premier bloggers and tastemakers in the fashion industry, his resume speaks for itself. His posts are consistently dope. Since his posts are dope, readers trust him. And since readers trust him, companies find his opinion valuable, and they prove his value by consulting him for their products, collaborating with him on other products, and inviting him out to their events all around the world. Though I haven’t spoken to him in detail about this (which I need to, lol), I’m sure he’d say that it all started by focusing on his blog and his networking.

I gave an artist I work with, FowL (@soFowL), the same speech. He was tweeting about how certain artists and fans don’t give him the support and respect he feels he deserves. I hit him up and told him to not be upset when people don’t give him the attention he wants; instead, be so good and make moves so serious that would-be sleepers don’t have a choice but to pay attention. A month or so later, he wins a battle in Detroit that was judged by Eminem (pictured above), and he gets praise from the state’s most respected emcees, and garners coverage from newspapers, magazines and web sites from around the world. He’s still got a long career ahead of him, but this battle was a big step in making him undeniable. It’s tough to deny someone’s ability when he defeats some of the country’s most capable opponents on a national stage judged by the three of the most successful people in that field.

Now, it’s time for me to do the same. I’ve been trying to make myself undeniable for the better part of past decade, and to a certain extent, I have. I’ve written stories that people told me have changed their lives. I’ve landed articles in some of the most respected publications in urban music. I’ve collaborated with superstar artists and producers, and I’ve met and/or built relationships with other artists that inspire me on a regular basis. I’ve spoken to college classes about what I do. I’ve helped mentor young journalists, and see them develop into writers with work that can put me to shame.

But there’s still a lot more work to be done.

XXL, HipHopDX, and URB have all been amazing opportunities for me, but I want to get my work in other magazines I read, like GQ, COMPLEX and others. I want to be like @KelleyLCarter, whose name alone sparks interest amongst every major music publication in the industry. I’m already one of the undeniable voices for Michigan’s hip-hop scene, but I want to build that reputation even more. I co-manage a collective of artists (@BLATpack),  and I want to get myself to the point of role models/mentors like @HexMurda and @Six_Two, where my artists’ success speaks to my abilities and my hustle. I want to make

And furthermore? I want to drive something crispy, and lay my head in a home that’s even crispier. I want to be able to buy things without having to look at how much they cost. I want to get deals like Eskay of NahRight, who got pegged by Nokia to endorse their line of laptop computers; or Marcus Troy, whose opinion is so valued that he’s able to become a creative part of the products that he has enjoyed for so long. I want to be like LeBron James, where even my bad decisions end up raising millions of dollars for people in need.

How will I do these things? By becoming undeniable.

Creating deadlines. Meeting deadlines. Utilizing every damn one of my contact entries in my BLAT!berry. Milking every possible creative idea from my mind, and making them a reality with my talents, my network, and my ambition. Get follow-through like Ray Allen’s jump shot. Create a viable, digestible brand for every one of my artists. Knock out a certain amount of album reviews and feature interviews every week, no matter what. Three album or mixtape reviews, and one feature interview – whether it’s for another publication, or for this here web site Speech Is My Hammer. Wake up every morning by 8AM, no matter how late I’m up working. Leaving the crib in a button-up shirt, tie, slacks and suit on a daily basis; if I’m not at work already, I better be on my way to work, or be dressed for the occasion if duty calls.

Let’s get it.


3 Responses to “Becoming Undeniable.”

  1. Marcus "Can I Live?" Troy August 31, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    Great post! Thanks for inspiring me.




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