Black Milk Producer’s Corner Interview For HipHopDX – Sept. 2010

3 Jan

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A lot of web sites are dropping their lists of the best albums of the year. But here at Speech Is My Hammer, I’m going to scour through my archives to recount my best interviews or stories throughout 2010. The first one I’m posting today is my HipHopDX Producer’s Corner interview with Black Milk, in which the Detroit native breaks down the construction of his masterpiece Album of the Year. One of my favorite parts of the story was the creative process behind “Distortion.”

Black Milk: I wrote that song to a completely different track, but I end up coming with this drum beat and calling up Ryan [Gimpert], the guitarist for Will Sessions, to come to the studio and just play over this drum beat until I heard something I wanted to use. I just made the drum beat, looped it up, hit record on ProTools and he just started playing. I came back the next day to listen, and I found a four-bar part that I thought was that magic moment. I looped it up, and when I listened to the track, it had a dark, eerie vibe to it. I started spitting those two verses that I wrote to another beat to that particular track, and it fit way more. Doing that style of song, I knew I had to tap into a different kind of energy. I knew I had to make my voice a certain way,  and project a certain way vocally to make that emotion come across.

I think Melanie Rutherford was the glue to all that shit, because the way she sung on it, you can feel it even more. Especially at the end, when she starts vibing out and I put the distortion on her voice. Ryan was having a soundcheck with his guitar to get it tuned right, and I took that and put it at the end; it sounded crazy to me, he didn’t even play it like that on purpose. I thought the shit was dope, I put a little effect on it, and that also felt like part of the song to me, how the guitar was screaming out.

For the rest of the interview, CLICK HERE.


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