HipHopDX Producer’s Corner Interview With Andrew Dawson

5 Jan

A few days after Christmas, I knocked out one of the best interviews I’ve had in a while. For my monthly Producer’s Corner column on HipHopDX, I interviewed Andrew Dawson. Dawson has engineered, co-produced, and/or mixed every Kanye West album, along with other heaters like Common’s Be and Finding Forever, Rick Ross’ Teflon Don, and more. Any of my readers know that my interviews are heavy on the allegorical material, and Dawson dropped some gems about instructing Elton John to re-sing a bad vocal take, locking himself in the studio with The Game for a month, and why to never turn Aretha Franklin’s microphone up in the studio. A clip of the article below:

DX: As a fan of different musicians, I can imagine it’d be like a playground to work with so much stuff at once (for Kanye West projects). How fun is it to put that stuff together?

Andrew Dawson: It’s really cool. That’s the creative and technical part, is where you can go, “This will work here, this won’t work there.” You’ve also got to hear it in your head ahead of time and then try it, so there’s some trial and error, but it’s fun to take all the pieces to gel it into something that makes sense from start to finish. Take the best of what each person has to offer, and you can’t lose. It’s like Jimi Hendrix playing guitar, John Bonham on the drums. It’s like putting together your own all-star team, featuring the talents of each person.

If 2011 is going to bring in interviews like this, it’ll be a great next 12 months. For the rest of the piece, CLICK HERE.


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