The Sartorialist x Intel: “A Visual Life”

10 Jan

I frequent The Sartorialist often, and watching this video makes me even more of a fan. This short documentary that Intel put together sees him sharing his opinions on fashion from past to present, along with catching the incredible photographer in action on the streets of NYC. I can actually see myself watching this on a daily or weekly basis, because it’s great to see a fellow Midwest native (he’s from Indiana and attended Indiana University) doing what he loves on a full-time basis. One of the most important quotes here is what he says below, about starting from the ground up.

My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped, and made me refined what little I knew to make it work. If you ask any other person that does a creative thing, they probably go to school and learn all these different things. And as they get better, it just narrows and narrows. You could ask most chefs: they would need five ingredients, one pan, and a stick of butter, and they’ll make the best meal you’ve ever had. I think that’s where most photographers would like to get to. Not to have all that other stuff, but to be able to create the most beautiful image they can in the most simple way that they can.

Many people won’t pursue what they want to do because they’re intimidated by how much they don’t know. But when you focus on what you’re good at and grow from there, you’re in a better position to win. That’s the approach that I’m taking from my newfound career as an artist manager; I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’ve got my own strengths to build off of as well. And once I’m able to build from my strengths and fill in the gaps, I’ll be undeniable.


One Response to “The Sartorialist x Intel: “A Visual Life””

  1. Hip Hop Website January 12, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    This is a very inspirational video. People let fear rule their lives. This was awesome and I enjoyed watching it.

    Hip Hop

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