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25 Aug

Hello all,

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“I, Hoe, Apologize For Leaking These Photos:” A Template

10 Feb

Celebrities are often held to unreasonable standards, and forced to apologize for menial things. But what about when they’re held accountable for actions they didn’t even commit?

Lately, women have been leaking nude photos of celebrities they were involved with even more than usual. NBA players Greg Oden and George Hill, and singers Bobby Valentino and Willie of Day 26 have all seen their private photos hit the Internet. Subsequently, these guys will issue statements to their fans, apologizing for their “mistakes.”

But as ESPN’s Jemele Hill pointed out via Twitter, why should they have to apologize? Most of the time, the photos in question are from two consenting adults. Many of us have sent sexual photos or texts to people we were involved with, and we don’t owe anyone an apology, do we? Of course not, because no one found out. If these guys are married or involved, they should apologize to their families for infidelity. Otherwise, all they’ve done is exercise bad judgment by trusting the wrong person. Not a good look, and incredibly stupid as a celebrity, but nothing they owe an apology to fans for.

If anything, the ones who leak the photos should be apologizing. No matter what their intentions are – revenge, informing someone about their spouse’s cheating,  making money – they’re releasing inappropriate photos to the public. It’s wrong to publicize personal property out there and to subject others to such material, especially for personal gain. If you’ve got issues with someone, handle them behind closed doors. Or cry yourself a river, build a bridge and get over it. Either way, two wrongs don’t make a right.

So on these women’s behalf, I have put together a template of an apology that they can issue once they leak these celebrities’ nude photos. It reads as follows:

I, Hoe, apologize for leaking nude photos of (place celebrity’s name here).

The photos were private, and I shouldn’t have released them to the public. I also apologize for thinking that this celebrity would see me as anything more than the hoe that I presented myself as. My feelings were hurt when I realized that he didn’t care about me, and I acted immaturely and selfishly by leaking this photo as retaliation.

My apologies to him, his family, and anyone adversely affected by my irresponsibility. I ask that reporters respect our privacy while me and my boyfriend work through this trying time.

Short, sweet, and most importantly, accountable.

What do you guys think? Should public figures be held accountable for private actions? How much of a difference between an entertainer whose infidelity/promiscuity is exposed and when a politician’s is? Is there a double standard between different sexes when it comes to leaked photos?


Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself, My Name is YOUNG!!

9 Dec

Everybody screamin’ “Oh My God!,” it’s the newest power forward of the squad! – Twista

The first thing running through the minds of devoted Speech is My Hammer readers has to be, “Hold up, this isn’t Will! Where’s Ketchum hiding at?” The answer is that this isn’t 1996, nor am I the blog version of an over-the-hill Hulk Hogan prepared to deliver a leg-drop to a prone Ketchum with the intent of taking over his blog in a hostile manner. For those who don’t know who I am, my name is JYoung The General (or on my Clark Kent days, Jahshua Ajene Kyle Smith), Underground Emcee Esq., who along with Ketchum and the homie P.H.I.L.T.H.Y. complete the Founding Fathership of the Michigan Music collective “The BLAT! Pack.” The homie will just also happens to be me and P’s manager.

Some of you may be sighing, viewing my addition to the roster as the fruits of sycophantic brown-nosing on my part, not dissimilar from the vein of rappers who abuse take advantage of their handler’s resources only to turn it into ad-space for whatever product their hawking. Well Jahshtradamus won’t lie, thy general getteth thy hawk on, but not nearly as much as your typical self-aggrandizing blowhard.

My pedigree runs pretty deep as far as this journalism thing goes. Both Will and myself graduated from the School of Journalism at Michigan State with a Bachelors in tow, and we both hosted the wildly successful Cultural Vibe underground hip-hop show at MSU’s official radio station, WDBM 88.9. Alongside that, other dues paid include a stint as Minority Representative/Entertainment Writer at the school paper The State News (which as one of five minority staff pretty much ensured I wrote about hip-hop and African-American culture predominately to make up for at least five years of neglect), and the Lansing weekly known as City Pulse. My subject matter ranged from interviews with R&B heartthrobs (shouts to Lloyd), covering the yearly renaissance fair (*sigh*), to battling endless throngs of faceless racists objecting online to columns straight from my socially conscious soapboax (*double sigh*).

That being said, my time here at Speech carries three purposes.

  • To help take some of the pressure off of Sir Ketchum by helping post content and keep the flow of the blog moving while he takes care of business  in other venues.
  • Get my Stephen Hawking on and post content surrounding my debut EP, Jahshua 1:6, every once in a while to increase my visibility as an artist. To keep it fair, anytime you see “The General’s Shameless Plug,” it serves as a spoiler alert to let those who don’t like me run for the hills.
  • Scratch the itch to break out of a year long hiatus from Journalism and post content that interests me (and in turn might interest you), and to stimulate conversation and provoke thought. That may be hip-hop, social activism, blatant human fuckery, or picture of cute puppies that make us all go “awwwwwwwwwwww.” Jahsh keeps ’em on their toes!

I’m honored to be the latest member of the Speech staff, and as a coveted free agent someone grateful for the opportunity to gregariously ignore AP style as a journalist once again, here’s to the next level of the JYoung/Ketchum connection.

Best Hip-Hop Album Covers Of The Year (So Far)

5 Oct


One positive thing this entire downloading phenomenon has renewed is the work put into album covers. People are desperate for consumers to buy their albums, so they’re doing everything that they can to put work into the presentation of their product – and part of that presentation is the cover art. To me, a dope album cover isn’t only eye-catching; it also accurately embodies the music that the listener is subject to once he/she opens the case. I’m not talking the prototypical “pose hard in front of a car” or “wear expensive clothing and jewelry before leaving for the club” covers, either. Show some creativity.

I’d never buy or download a Jim Jones album, but the art for his Pray IV Reign project was poignant: the texture of the photo feels timeless, the red accent works well, and the photo itself of a father figure embracing his song while walking with him is incredible.

Check under the cut for more.

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Kid Cudi “Man On The Moon” Cover Art.

13 Aug

I’m honestly just making this post as a test for my TwitterFeed, because it’s been acting up. That being said, the album cover for Kid Cudi’s debut Man On The Moon (pictured above) is pretty damn dope.

EDIT: In my haste of making this post as a test, I forgot to mention – I think Kid Cudi is the most overrated member in this whole “new school” of rappers/artists. Maybe I’ll make an entire blog on that later on.

[via HypeBeast]

The Jules Verne Watch.

8 Aug

I had made a vow to stop making fashion posts on Speech Is My Hammer.  For several reasons: It seems like everybody’s a gear head nowadays, and people are doing a lot of copycat posting. Plus, despite my loyalty to buying every new issue of GQ and COMPLEX magazine, I’m not a fashionista myself. I have a few pair of interesting sneakers from my sponsorship at Premier Skateboarding, and several friends who work at Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique, but I’m not a true fashion head at all. I’m a consumer, but not a connoisseur. I leave the cool hunting up to homies like Marcus TroyCliff Skighwalker, Christa Epiphany over at GlamourNerd, and Flintown’s Femme Doni W. at LivLuxMag. That being said, I still know what I like – and usually, I know why I like it. So from this point on, any fashion posts are under the pretense that it’s solely based on what I think is dope – not to be a catch-all site for the latest in fashion, to hump or dump trends, or to make me seem like a goto source for all things fly.

Now that that’s out the way. This Jules Verne watch I found on Marcus Troy’s blog is incredible. I’ve always preferred the clean, streamlined designs of watches like this more than I have the super gaudy Jacob the Jeweler timepieces. And the woven band is so fly. And it’s only $140? Grown up look, for a growing up price. “I don’t rock the bright, watch. I rock the right, watch.” ©Jay-Z

[via Marcus Troy]

Revolutionary Times: New Webcomic Home x Revamped Blog

17 Jul


Since I interviewed him for this site near the end of April, Smack! been on his grizzly: putting together promo videos of himself, putting together a new web site, designed several new shirts for Identical Variant, etc. That being said, I still feel like he slacks off too much, lol.  He reminds me of myself: immensely talented, and utilizing that talent at various resources, but still not using every minute of every day as efficiently as he could. But lately, young homie’s been pretty unaccessible: he locked himself in the lab, and I’m proud to present his revamped Revolutionary Times. Not only have they revamped the blog, but they’ve also launched a webcomic home at to host the strip. And they’ve made some dope desktop backgrounds, one of which is blessing my laptop as I type. A description of Revolutionary Times, from our interview:

Revolutionary Times started up as an idea between my long time friend Brandon Howard who had recently moved to North Carolina. We called each other up and he dropped the idea of doing a comic together basically about two young black teens who run a newspaper basically dealing with the conspiracies of the government. Now, when I first heard it, I was like, “Naaah, we can’t do it like that. People will think it’s basically The Boondocks.” But as we started the strips, they came into their own life and style, ya know? We’ve really tried to go over some things that are basically in the world right now. Michael Vick. Kwame Kilpatrick. Obama. … He writes it and I draw it (and sometimes write it), instead of me doing both the writing and art jobs. He’s the DJ and I’m rapper. So it’s all about teamwork and input.

I’m going to be doing as much as I can to help push this. Not only because Smack! is my homie, but because I love the concept of the comic. And once it blows up, I’ll be one of those hipser types that can say, “Revolutionary Times? Fuck y’all cats, I’ve been up on them since way back when.” Or, “Fuck Revolutionary Times, they went commercial,” even when they’d be just as good as they’ve always been.

All of my readers, please check it out and let me konw what you think.

Revolutionary Times: WebcomicBlog

Smack! Puts It On His Maybach

20 Apr


Resident artist Smack! has been killing it with his “Art of Noise” series, and this is no exception. The latest installment is “Maybach Music II,” based on the same title as the Rick Ross song that features Kanye West, T-Pain, and Lil Wayne. If you’ve been living under a rock and you haven’t heard the song, CLICK HERE to check it out. BTW, the web launch of coming this Thursday, April 23.

via Pepsi Madness

Jim Jones (Allegedly) Gets Berg’d

16 Mar


“Show up to Detroit, thinkin’ everybody love you? And I’ma come and show you that ya ass ain’t Raymond.”
-Royce Da 5’9″ on Slaughterhouse’s “Fight Club”

“This ain’t Detroit, this is muthafuckin’ Hamburger Hill!”
-Eminem, “Amityville” 

Ironically enough, I just downloaded all of the old Dipset mixtapes last night. Still about to listen to them when I go work out in a few minutes.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. But CLICK HERE to see Jim Jones briefly speak about it and to check P.L.’s twitter account of the situation.

*By the way, I’m A) not condoning what happened, and B) not implying that Royce and/or Eminem were involved with it. I was just using different violent rap lines about Detroit.

Quick Hits with Laz Jackson

15 Mar

lazIt’s been a minute since resident sports writer Laz Jackson has blessed us with one of his editorials, but he’s back with a bang this week.  In the first installment of his new segment “Quick Hits,” he’ll be dropping bombs on the latest all over the sports world: baseball, college and professional basketball, football, and more. Check out what he put together after watching the epic six-overtime game between Syracuse and Connecticut by checking under the cut.




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