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HipHopDX Producer’s Corner: Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis

22 Jun

 For the latest segment of HipHopDX Producer’s Corner, I interviewed Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis. He isn’t a celebrity name, but plenty of music lovers will recognize his work with Wyclef Jean. The Haitian-born musician has co-produced or played on nearly all of Clef’s classics – The Fugees’ seminal The Score, to Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria,” and many more. Check out an excerpt below:

DX: Don’t mean to only focus on Fugees, but how would you describe a studio session with them? If I were to randomly walk into one of your sessions, what would I see?

Jerry Wonda: It would be like going to a family dinner. You see everybody hanging, chilling, eating, drinking and laughing. Nothing that crazy, just everybody chilling. We used to have everything, with the equipment. Nobody knew we were doing a classic album. I just remember I used to play the Top 40 singles and hustle, because I was buying equipment. I’d go play with Top 40 bands then come back to the studio and do what I was doing with Wyclef and Ms. Hill. At the time, that’s what we had. If you walked in there, it was just chillin!

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the interview.


Ketch-Up 12-15-08 – Nick Speed x Drumma Boy

15 Dec

Looking forward to the new week. But first, let’s get y’all up to speed with some pieces I’ve gotten published recently.

Nick Speed

I interviewed Nick Speed for Metro Times. We had a super long conversation because of how well we know each other, but once I got on track to transcribe everything, the article came out well – just like all of my articles are Michigan rap artists are. It’s so dope that I get to do this for a newspaper, as opposed to a hip-hop magazine/web site. But anyway, to read it, CLICK HERE.

Drumma Boy

For HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, I spoke to Drumma Boy – the Atlanta-by-way-of-Memphis producer who crafted Young Jeezy and Kanye’s “Put On,” T.I.’s “What Up What’s Haaapnin,” Scarface’s “Never,” and a slew of other heaters for the south’s premier emcees. In this interview, he talks about differences between working with T.I. and Jeezy, coming up around parents who were classically-trained musicians, and putting on for his city. To read, CLICK HERE.

More coming soon…

Ketchums x Guess Who?

15 Dec


I’m the co-writer for a column on HipHopDX called Producer’s Corner, in which me and Melanie Cornish take turns interviewing the game’s hottest knob-twisters. For the section, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to some of my all-time favorite musicians ever: Will.I.Am, Hi-Tek, and others. It’s been incredible.

But to bring in 2009, I’m shooting for a producer that’ll have me as excited as ever. It’s one of the 10 people I’d like to interview before I leave this earth, and I think I’ve really got a chance at interviewing him. But as much as I like y’all to share in my good news with me, the homie Danya Steele’s infinite wisdom prompted me to enact a 90% rule. Basically, I don’t reveal details on anything really important until it’s 90% completed – which means that I won’t say who it is until the interview is done, recorded and transcribed.

But I love y’all. So what I’m going to do is give you guys five clues. There’s obvious ones, but I couldn’t give it away – but at least one of these should be a big hint to any real fans.

  1. He loves pop tarts.
  2. He’s got a couple experimental blemishes, but with his string of hits and his ridiculous versatility, he’s still part of my Top 10. If you disagree, you should stop frontin’.
  3. He’s made heaters for both Jay-Z and Nas. But his best song with Nas, you’ve probably never heard.
  4. Repp’d Nu Nu when she was new new.
  5. You might see him driving around Miami in that Suzy Loves Ricky.

Ketchums x Evidence and Alchemist x HipHopDX

10 Nov


I interviewed Evidence & Alchemist – collectively, the new duo of Stepbrothers – for HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner. I had to tackle a lot of adversity for this one – not being able to talk to them both at the same time like I wanted, Evidence having shitty phone reception, and playing phone tag with Ev to redo part of the interview – but it still came out pretty well. Editor Jake Paine told me it was “the most sophisticated, organic Producer’s Corner yet.” Bong.

To read the article now, click here. To read the intro first and then check out the entire piece, check under the cut.

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Ketch-Up 9-29-08 – Disappointing Politicians x Disappointing Emcees

29 Sep

Pardon my Paul Wall, but I’ve got the Internet goin’ nuts. And that’s not even talkin’ about the NahRight love. Check all the articles I’ve got out there right now:

Separating Rap From Truth [Metro Times]

This article got a phone call from pops dukes, so I’m already proud of it. In this article, I chop it up with hip-hop figures in Detroit about the rise and fall of recently-resigned and imprisoned “Hip-Hop Mayor” Kwame Kilpatrick. They recount what made them support homie initially, how the affiliation with hip-hop hurt and/or helped both parties, and how this year’s bullshit will affect things later on. Leave a comment there and say what you think! | Metro Times
Lowered Expectations: Hip-Hop’s Five Most Disappointing Emcees [HipHopDX]

I’ve got a series going on HipHopDX’s Speech Is My Hammer, in which I highlight my five most disappointing emcees in hip-hop history. Doing a countdown from the bottom up, Fabolous was my first victim. My latest inclusion on the list is Canibus (hence, why he’s flipping me the bird in the photo above). Let me know what you think: click the photo or click here. The rest of the list is on its way, and trust, no one is going to see these three coming.
Termanology: How It All Went Down [HipHopDX]

Meet the persistent emcee that has the production lineup of Illmatic and others, with an old soul swagger to match. I already reviewed his album, Politics As Usual, here over a month ago, and here, you’ll get to know him a little bit. Here, he gives a behind-the-scenes look behind his soon-to-be-classic debut.| HipHopDX
DJ Green Lantern: Producer’s Corner [HipHopDX]

In the latest installment of HipHopDX’s Producer’s Corner, I chop it up with DJ Green Lantern about making the transition from mixtape hosting to knob twisting (pause), DJing for Nas and Eminem, and upcoming projects with Jay Electronica and dead prez. On a related note, Nas and Green Lantern performed at Michigan State Univ. last week at a free concert. Even though me and cohost JYoung didn’t get the interview that we were supposed to, shit was fly. | HipHopDX

I’ve also got a lot of music to run through this week. I’ll post short synopsi of those tomorrow, so check back for those. It’ll be a bunch of music that you won’t be able to listen to yet since it doesn’t hit stores/the Internet for a while, but you can trust my ear, right?