A Lesson From Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee

28 Apr

(photo from InsideSocial.com)

One of my favorite methods of procrastination/escapism is watching movies. The storylines and comedy help me get away from my workload for a couple hours, and I can usually find a message in the film that gives me ample reason to get back to my hustle.

The latest film to help in both fronts is “Kobe Doin’ Work,” a 2009 Spike Lee Joint that follows Kobe Bryant around during one of his game days. The bulk of the film is Kobe Bryant breaking down every minute of the game: why he makes certain plays, how he studies his opponents to exploit their weaknesses, the ways he uses and encourages his teammates, and more.

The film connected with me because it felt like a companion piece to my Becoming Undeniable post a while back. Kobe’s definitely a talented basketball player, but his focus to detail was the determining factor in his victory. He knew his opponents’ statistics to exploit their weaknesses, their playing tendencies to always be one step ahead, and he even spoke in other languages to communicate with teammates from other countries. As a manager, I need the same attentiveness: I need to know my opponent – in this case, the music industry – like the back of my hand, and I need to know my teammates’ skills so I can put them in ideal situations to score. As a journalist, I need to keep a keen eye on the latest music news – especially of my interview subjects – and craft my pitches and writing methods accordingly.

Some thought the film was boring, but I felt that the tediousness only made it resonate more. All my fellow journalists know that transcribing interviews is one of the most monotonous tasks of the job. On the management tip, dealing with booking, media and sponsorship logistics is a pain in the ass too. But the game isn’t fun for every minute of every quarter, and you don’t nab that alley-oop on Sportscenter unless you do the grunt work to execute it.


One Response to “A Lesson From Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee”

  1. L'Renee June 6, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    That was so inspiring! I’ve never seen the movie that you talked about in this post (I’m sorry to say). I’m going to look for it now. What you said really rang true to me because I’m currently going through the grunt work in my career. I wish there was something that I could offer you to help perpetuate what you have going here. I have put some of my public contact information up so that you can contact me when and if the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for sharing your ideas and keep up the fantastic work!

    Tweet: @lreneedetroit
    Facebook: /lreneedetroit
    Catalog: lrenee.bandcamp.com

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