Five Reasons House Parties Are Better Than Clubs

17 Jun

As I’m writing this, the rest of my BLAT! Pack crew is the club, getting down as the brilliant DJ Ruckus mans the ones and twos. Every time I hit the club, I head outside 30 minutes early. On the other hand, at the last few house parties I’ve been to – the anniversary party for Memorial Day weekend, a mutual friend’s birthday, and a cookout at my crib – I’ve had the time of my life. Below, read five reasons of why I prefer residential parties over clubs. Maybe this will even inspire a change in your plans for the weekend.
1.) Cheaper Alcohol
Let’s be honest: one of the main reasons we go out on weekends is to get screwed up. Why spend $20-plus at the bar for a cup with way too much ice, when you can buy liq straight from the store? If you’re at the right party, drinks may be provided for free anyway.

2.) Conversation
Personally, I’m most effective with women when I’m talking. I can show my sense of humor and learn more about them. I can at least make sure she’s not a surface level idiot before asking for her number. Meanwhile, at the club, I have to yell for two minutes before even getting her name. Terrible.

3.) Dress Code (Or Lack Thereof)
We all know that lots of clubs have stingy, racially-charged and sexist dress codes. At house parties, you definitely want to be fly, but it’s at your own discretion. The priority is comfort, not falling in line. Unless, of course, the dress code is themed – then it’s fun to find what to wear.

4.) Drunken Versatility
Everyone wants to get drunk, but people rarely do so responsibly. At a house party, there’s a bigger safety net. If you’re too drunk to drive, you can try convincing the homeowner to let you crash on the couch or in the guest bedroom. Or, you can try bumming a ride home – at a house party, you’re more likely to find a sympathetic mutual friend. I don’t condone disrespecting others’ homes by having sex in their rooms, but it’s an option. At the club, your options are much more limited: crashing and getting charges of public drunkenness or loitering, dropping cash for a taxi, or getting arrested for indecent exposure. Not a good look.

5.) Various Options for Entertainment
The last couple of house parties I’ve been to have been great, because of options. Dancing, movie watching, video games, and debates can all be going on at once. Everyone can have fun in different ways. At clubs, you only have two choices: dance, or stand against the wall. Or break your $20 bill for change to play pool. F*** outta here.


2 Responses to “Five Reasons House Parties Are Better Than Clubs”

  1. Ollie Western June 17, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    So true, very wise.


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