Happy Bar Exam 2, B!tch. Plus – VIBE Mag’s Adidas, Touchscreen Blackberry Confirmed, White Privilege PWNED

16 Sep

First and foremost, a PSA.

Happy Bar Exam 2, bitch. (It’s a holiday!)

There’s definitely been a wait (well, for y’all anyway; I got my shit in advance. Aha! [Jada]), but it’s definitely worth it. Royce’s The Bar Exam 2 further validifies him as one of the best – not only in Michigan, but in Hip Hop period. Green Lantern killed the mix, too. Click on the cover above to download it from MichiganHipHop.com. Shoutout to Shake and HipHopDX for releasing it to the world.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me. Anslem is a muuuuuurderer, so he muuuuurdered my 88-Keys piece for XXL; gotta edit that. Also, I need to continue the groundwork for this really dope article I’m working on for Metro Times. I’ve got a job interview at 5 P.M. And I’ve got several blogs for HipHopDX’s Speech Is My Hammer that I want to get started on. But first, a few other things:

VIBE Magazine’s 15th Anniversary Adidas Forum High

VIBE’s been under the gun lately with blasts from Robin Thicke and Ciara. DSW tried to clear the air with an interview on the radio, and I believe her on both, esp. with the evidence against Robin Thicke. But that’s not important, money more important ©Weezy. These new Adidas were made to commemorate the magazine’s 15th Anniversary, and I’d have to cop ’em regardless, being a Hip Hop journalist and all…but the fact that they’re this fly makes it a lot easier. More pictures at the link. What you think, Cliff? | GlobalGrind via HypeBeast
Verizon Wireless Touchscreen Blackberry Storm Confirmed

There’s been a lot of rumors about this, so it’s really good to see it finally begin to come to fruition. A touchscreen Blackberry…oh, how far RIM has come since making only business products. This looks fly as hell…though I’m still not crazy about the idea of a touchscreen keyboard (sorry, iPhone). I may actually dip back to Verizon for this, cuz T-Mobile’s on their fuck-up game heavy. | GlobalGrind via BoyGeniusReport
Tim Wise Breaks Down White Privilege For Dummies

Tim Wise – who, from what I’ve heard, is like the Michael Moore of the blogosphere – has a new piece talking about white privilege, and how Sarah Palin is a living example of it.  This piece is real simple, but it really breaks down shit in a manner that’s easy to understand. Shoutout to JYoung for bringing it up @ MRULE last night, and for the homie Tonya P for the link. | GlobalGrind via BuzzFlash
Anyway, that’s about it. Bout to grab some food, then get back to my journalism grizzly.



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